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Kelley Transit has been providing transportation services to commuters and travelers throughout Connecticut for 150 years.  Throughout our history, we have made driver and vehicle safety a top priority, to ensure that your ride with us is safe and secure.  Safety measures currently in place at Kelley Transit include:


DriveCam technology is in place on all of Kelley Transit's vehicles.  An onboard vehicle event recorder monitors driver performance and behaviors.  This vehicle monitoring then provides driver feedback in the form of analysis and coaching that can reduce behavior-based risks--resulting in safer travel for passengers. 

Smith System

Every Kelley Transit driver undergoes hands-on, on-the-road training from the global leader in Driver Safety Training since 1952.  Their trademark training focuses on the core driving fundamentals of space, visibility and time with real world training that is supplemented through video, DVD, and web-based educational resources as well as the SmithSAFE fleet monitoring program.  

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